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When it comes to culture in the USA you will see a whole lot of it in Boston, Massachusetts. They have their own way of speaking and a uniquely Bostonian means of doing things. A large influence on town has become the Irish and many members of the city are of Irish decent. The city has its own unique dialect that has been strongly influenced by Hiberno-English.

In popular culture Boston is famous for the Cheers bar, and you can still visit this today. Don’t be too disappointed when you find that the interior of the bar looks nothing like the TV show; the exterior looks exactly the same though. The interior of the Cheers bar has been made in another area of the city for those die-hard lovers who wish to have the show in real life; sadly Sam Malone won’t be there to tend bar.

As well as low-brow entertainment shows Boston is also the home of some fine cultural treats. This is a university city so that it places a lot of weight in people’s educational achievements. In other parts of the United States they might judge a many by his pocket, but in this town it’s brains that gets the most respect. Boston Common is where to go if you fancy a bit of theatre and elsewhere in the city three you will find different forms of the arts represented.

Boston Massachusetts Faneuil Hall Landmark

If you like music with a little more oomph then you’ll find that the town has been home to some of the greatest rock and pop band. Many indie bands came out of here and many others moved here to make their name. The Pixies come from Boston and they are credited with inspiring the entire grunge scene with Nirvana listing the band as their main inspiration. More mainstream pop bands such as Boston (band) and The Cars also come from the city.

The town is home to a fine museums such as the Museum of Fine Arts and the National Museum of African American art. Harvard University, Palm Bay FL Raccoon Removal,  and Boston University also house some fine artwork. There are loads of festivals in the city and it has one of the largest St Patrick’s Day parades in the world. The Boston Jazz festival and Boston Film festival are also well worth adding to your social calendar.

Boston is an excellent place to travel to if you’re looking for a little bit of culture or just want to see the city that brought you the Cheers bar. In case you have an artistic soul then you’ll find plenty to keep you inspired and entertained. Boston can give you a lot of things, but a dull moment wont’ be among them.

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