Wild hogs in America

At this time there are about 5 million wild hogs running around America. Hog hunting has become so well known in Texas that many counties and cities have their own hog cook-offs and BBQ’s annually. There are currently 37 countries that have wild hogs in them. Back then wild hogs were a logical choice to bring and try and populate the region, due to their toughness and ability to multiply easily. The typical female wild pig could give birth to 24 piglets a year. That’s a lot of babies.
So this is where Rockledge Opossum Removal step in and become a massive asset. Just in Texas alone, hunters kill about 24,000 hogs a year. Can you imagine if hunters weren’t killing this many pigs each year? Texas would be overrun with these creatures. Florida is another state that’s completely overrun with these critters. They’re in each and every county in Florida. With the terrific weather and abundance of food there, it is no surprise that they thrive and spread like a disease.
One thing Texas landowners should and could do is open their gates to more hunters and allow them to help control this from control animal. At least not to the extent it is now.

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Not only do these animals destroy and decimate the property. They carry serious diseases that could spread to every other living thing. Deaths have occurred from people consuming vegetables that were contaminated by wild hog feces. This could all be avoided. Hunters are more than happy to go out, search and take down these critters. Hunters are doing everyone a service, also putting food on their tables.
Just imagine what good an extra billion dollars could do to the economy? This problem could definitely be avoided. It is up to us hunters to control the population of these creatures. Our local Fish and Game departments don’t have the money or resources to handle this problem.
If you have these creatures in your state.
Be safe and good hog hunting my friends.

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